Transitioning from Microblading to Device

You’ve trained hard and mastered the art of Microblading. Now, you are ready to offer your clients more advanced brow techniques, eyeliner, lip color, or even paramedical tattooing using a device. We’ve created our Crossover Fundamental to give you the basic knowledge of working with a device so that you can expand your current services and achieve the skill level necessary to take our advanced device courses. Not sure if this is the right course for you? Drop us a line and a staff member will help you decide your education path.


You are eligible to take our Crossover Fundamental only if the following applies:

  • You’ve completed a prior training in Microblading and have proof of completion available to submit for review by our academy staff

  • You have a basic knowledge of brow mapping

  • You feel confident working on clients

The Crossover Fundamental is the right choice for you if:

  • You would like to learn ombre brow, lip color, and eyeliner services using a digital device

  • You are interested in taking any of our advanced courses

  • You are seeking a 100 hour certificate with recognition from the AAM or SPCP


New to permanent makeup with no prior training? No problem, check out our Beginner Fundamental Courses instead.

Crossover Fundamental

Course description

This course is for the comfortable Microblader-only who wants to learn permanent makeup using a digital device. Procedures covered include Eyeliner, Lips, and Powder/Ombre Brows. Credit (20hrs) will be given for prior training. This class meets from 9am-7pm for four consecutive days and has a 40 hour home study component. Applicants for this class must provide prior training information to determine eligibility for this course.

*Please note: This class does not include Brow-Mapping or Hairstroke Patterns, as it’s expected the student has already learned these skills in their prior training and experience (which is how we are able to reduce the class to 4 days).

Certificate: Upon successful completion, you will receive a 100 hour certificate recognized by both national accrediting authorities (SPCP and AAM) that shows you have completed the fundamental/primary micropigmentation training necessary to become a certified micropigmentation artist.

Crossover Fundamental Tuition: $4500


I have my certification. Now what?

In most states across the USA, permanent makeup and microblading is licensed as body arts (tattooing). Prior to certification, it's important that you contact your state and local board of health agencies regarding the rules and regulations for practicing permanent makeup in your area. Some cities/towns will require a number of supervised procedures. Others will require an apprenticeship. Some cities/towns require only Blood Borne Pathogens certification.