Intermediate Courses

Advancing your skills and techniques in micropigmentation. The following classes are designed for the student who has already completed a fundamental class approved by the AAM or the SPCP. Student/Instructor ratio for hands-on clinic time is 4:1.

Prerequisite: Proof of fundamental certification is required to enroll in any of the courses below.

Microblading 101

2 days/16 hours, Tuition $2,500 (manual microblading class)
This course is for the certified PMU artist who wants to learn the art of Microblading. Part art class and part science class, this course is designed to teach the student how to draw beautiful realistic hairstrokes and identify the appropriate skin types for microblading, as well as which skin types/clients are not candidates. Students will learn the influencers of pigment retention, various needle configurations, proper depths, angles and stretches, comprehensive color theory and how microblading affects healed pigment color. Students practice on paper, watch a live demonstration, then work on a live model. Tuition includes a starter kit for each student.

Ombré Powder Brows

1 days/8 hours, Tuition $1,500 (device class)

We will teach this very popular effect where brows are shaded in gradient blend from light to dark. This course focuses on a modern peppering technique that is suitable for all skin types.

Nano Hairstroke Brows

1 days/8 hours, Tuition $1,500 (device class)

Students will create ultra-realistic eyebrows by learning how to draw fine individual hair strokes using the most current needle technology.

Stardust Eyeliner

1 days/8 hours, Tuition $1,500 (device class)

This advanced course focuses on a modern peppering technique that create a soft, blended liner effect.

Blended Lips 

1 days/8 hours, Tuition $1,500 (device class)
This class is for the artist who does not have prior lip micropigmentation experience and wants to learn how to enhance lip shape by creating a natural line..


Advanced Courses

Designed for the experienced technician who is looking to master new techniques. Student/Instructor ratio is 6:1.

Prerequisite: Proof of AAM or SPCP accredited fundamental certification.

Smokey Eyeliner with XionS

1 day/8 hours, Tuition $1,500 (device class)

Everyone loves a little drama. Learn to effectively create a smokey, smudged eyeliner look that speaks for itself.

3-D Ombré Lip Stain 

1 day/8 hours, Tuition $1,500 (device class)                                                                                                                 Learn how to build volume through this new trending lip staining technique.


Paramedical Micropigmentation Courses

Paramedical Tattooing is a rapidly growing segment of this industry. These classes will teach you how to help your clients feel confident in their skin again. Student/Instructor ratio for hands-on clinic time is 6:1.

Prerequisite:  Proof of AAM or SPCP accredited fundamental certification.

Scar Correction and Scar Camouflage 

1 day/8 hours, Tuition $1,500 (device class)                                                                                                                 This in-depth course teaches how to effectively break down different types of scar tissue and what products will help the skin heal itself. The student will learn when it is appropriate to camouflage, and when it is not. Lastly, we teach our artistic technique for camouflaging and color matching for the most natural looking results.

3-D Areola 

1 day/8 hours, Tuition $1,500 (device class)                                                                                                                   This artistic and technical class teaches the student how to create a realistic 3-dimensional areola that will bring a smile to your client's face. Our technique is easy to learn and recreate over and over again. PMU artists everywhere feel so good about being able to offer this service to breast cancer survivors.


Tattoo Removal/Lightening

and Color Correction

Student/Instructor ratio is 8:1

Prerequisite: Student must be an experienced tattoo or permanent makeup artist.

1 day/8 hours, Tuition $1,600 (device class)

A highly recommended essential class for all PMUs. Prettyology believes in the classic and time proven method of salt and saline removal to gently purge pigment out of the skin. We combine this with our Color Correction class because more often than not, pigment lightening/removal goes hand in hand with the need to color correct. In this full 8 hour class you will learn when a removal is necessary versus when a color correction can be done, as well as when it is necessary to do both. You will learn which needles are best for effective pigment removal and how deep you can safely work in the skin. You will learn how to mix correct pigment formulas for any type of correction, whether it be someone else’s work or your own.