The Prettyology Academy Difference

By design, our programs are more in-depth than many others. That’s because when it comes to needles, pigments and faces, there’s much more to it than meets the eye. We feel - and our students quickly agree - that skimping on fundamental training does more harm than good to everyone involved. Our curriculum provides the foundation you will need to embark on a successful and confident career in micropigmentation. The building blocks of our program include:

  • Highly trained, highly experienced instructors with proven superb reputations
  • A proprietary method of understanding color theory
  • Technique and training with the best quality tools & supplies
  • Extensive eyebrow design training
  • Substantial hands-on experience with live models
  • 1:1 student:teacher ratio for hands-on clinic sessions with award-winning practitioners

Fundamental/Beginner Level Courses

Getting Started in Micropigmentation. Our 105-hour fundamental courses are accredited by the American Academy of Micropigmentation and include everything you’ll need to know to start out successfully: skin anatomy, color theory & pigments, sterilization, medical history/client information + consultations, equipment/needle selection, facial morphology, how get your own practice/office started, and much more.

We offer 2 Fundamental Training Courses. The tuition for each is $5600.                                                               Each course consists of 3 parts:

Part 1 – Pre-Study Manual (40 study hours)
Upon registration into the Fundamental Training course, you will receive our Pre-Study Manual. This manual is intended for self-study. It explains all of the basic concepts of micropigmentation, in addition to basic color theory. It is essential to properly study this book before the Fundamental Training Course can be initiated. Your pre-study manual is provided with completing registration and deposit for your class.

Part 2 – Virtual Training (8 hours, schedule based on availability)
During this online training, students and teachers will have an itinerary of topics to discuss pre-/post-fundamental training. This day(s) will be scheduled by the Prettyology Micropigmentation Academy staff. Dates are to be determined.

Part 3 – Fundamental Training (6 consecutive days, 57 hours in classroom/clinic  9AM – 6:30PM)

The fundamental training consists of theoretical training, practice training on artificial mannequin heads and practice training on models. After successfully completing the Fundamental training, you receive your certificate and can immediately start perusing your career in micropigmentation. You can also enhance your education by taking our intermediate classes where you can further develop your skills.


Before enrolling into our Fundamental Training, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health requires all students to study and pass a Blood borne Pathogens/Communicable Diseases certification. This training can be completed online. We recommend



The Fundamental Art and Science of Micropigmentation

This is our most well-rounded, in depth and classic beginners course. It is truly the Fundamental Art and Science of Micropigmentation. This course is intended for the student who wants to explore the full spectrum of micropigmentation – Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lips. All students will complete multiple applications of each service on practice pads, mannequins and finally, live models during their training. Students will learn techniques using the Nouveau Contour digital machine and will be introduced to various hand tools including microblades. You will learn the difference between each technique and which one is best for the client depending on skin quality and desired results. This class includes 40 hours of home study and 65 hours of class time. Certificate: you will receive a certificate recognized by both national accrediting authorities (SPCP and AAM) that shows you have completed the fundamental/primary micropigmentation training necessary to become a certified micropigmentation artist.


Eyebrows-Only/Microblading Fundamental Training

For the student who is ONLY interested in eyebrows. Prettyology Micropigmentation Academy’s Microblading/ Eyebrows-Only Beginner’s Fundamental Training Course is similar to the Art & Science of Fundamental Micropigmentation Course in that it teaches the fundamental knowledge needed to become a certified micropigmentation artist, however, it focuses solely on eyebrow pigmentation. Students will learn brow techniques using the Nouveau Contour digital machine as well as Tina Davies Harmony microblades. You will learn the difference between each technique and which one is best for the client depending on skin quality and desired results. All students will complete a multitude of eyebrow procedures on practice pads, mannequins and finally, live models during their training.                                                                                                                                              Certificate: After succeeding this 6 day introductory class, you will receive a certificate that shows you have completed fundamental/primary micropigmentation training in Eyebrows Only.

Fundamental Course Tuition: $5600

All Materials Included
During your Fundamental Training, all products you will need for practice and procedures performed at the Academy (i.e. pigments, needles, gloves, supplies etc.) are included in the Fundamental Course Tuition. At the completion of the course, you will have the ability to purchase a Nouveau Contour digital machine, pigments and needles, Tina Davies microblades, topical anesthetics and additional supplies. 

Focus Courses

Eyebrow Symmetry & Design

1 day/8 hours, Tuition $1000

This class is suggested as a prerequisite before either of our Fundamentals classes for students without any prior brow shaping or design experience.


I have my certification. Now what?

In most states across the USA, permanent makeup and microblading is licensed as body arts (tattooing). Prior to certification, it's important that you contact your state and local board of health agencies regarding the rules and regulations for practicing permanent makeup in your area. Some cities/towns will require a number of supervised procedures. Others will require an apprenticeship. Some cities/towns require only Blood Borne Pathogens certification.