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Linda Paradis


October 4th-5th Tattoo Remoov

October 6th Icy Lips


View Linda’s Tattoo Remoov 88 and Icy Lips 88 class agenda here.

Learn Linda Paradis’ own Tattoo Remoov technique for the most effective, gentle tattoo removal. This two day class will include a live instructor demo as well as hands on practice on live models.

Icy Lips teaches an amazing lip stain that can be applied very quickly and lasts approximately one year. Linda has her own collection of bright, beautiful pigments for this technique.

Linda Paradis’ Tattoo Remoov and Icy Lips techniques require a specific handpiece/device and needles. Retail orders may be placed in class. To view retail prices, please see our Tattoo Remoov or Icy Lips price lists.. The Tattoo Remoov handpiece is also compatible with the Nouveau Contour Intelligent device.