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 Model FAQ

o    Are the student’s performing the service experienced?

The level of experience varies between our beginner and advanced classes. Our beginner classes always have a one on one instructor to student ratio when working on a model. Instructors do not leave the bedside during the appointment. Our advanced classes are for artists who have completed at least 100 hours of initial training. Advanced class procedures are also supervised, but with a 2 student to one instructor ratio. Model pricing reflects this level of experience.

o    Will it come out OK?

Of course! We care about the quality of the service you receive and want you to love your new permanent makeup.

o    How long does the appointment take?

Allow at least 3 hours for your appointment. Student’s can sometimes run behind on schedule. The first hour of your appointment is typically paperwork, consultation, color choice, and numbing. The procedures typically take 2 hours after that. We ask that you please be patient.

o   How long does it take to heal?

Healing varies per person and depends on the service. You can read the post care instruction for your service here- brows, lips, or eyeliner. Plan on your permanent makeup being brighter, darker, or bolder for at least the first few days. We do not recommend you have a procedure done within less than two weeks of a big event or trip.

o    Can I have this done if I am pregnant/breastfeeding? On medication? Have a health condition?

NO! Please read our pre-procedure care instructions if any of the above apply, or if you have a condition you are not sure of. Email us,, if you have a question about anything.

o    Can I cancel if something comes up?

While we understand emergencies happen, we unfortunately do not allow cancellations. Our students are relying on your commitment to ensure they can practice. We are not able to issue refunds. Missed appointments will disqualify future bookings.

o    How do I book?

You can view open appointments on our Facebook group. When you see an appointment you would like to take, follow the directions to book- either email or call. Please allow plenty of time for our response as we get many inquiries. We require a prepayment of our $100 model fee by phone to reserve your appointment. You will receive a booking confirmation that includes appointment details and links to your paperwork once payment is completed. Your appointment is not booked without this payment. If you do not receive a confirmation within one hour of booking you must call us immediately.