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 Model Prerequisites

o    If you have previously had micropigmentation/microblading/permanent makeup done at Prettyology, or elsewhere, we need to know prior to booking you as it may change the type of appointment you need.

o    If you have previously been a client at Prettyology, not as a model, please let us know.

o    If any of the disqualifying factors in our pre-procedure instructions apply (review them here), please wait until the condition clears to book as a model. 

o    Services are performed by Prettyology Academy students and/or Prettyology artists undergoing training, always under the direct supervision of an expert certified instructor to ensure the service is performed properly. That said, it is not realistic to expect the same level of result as with the Prettyology beauty lab.

o    Model fees cover the cost of supplies and are non refundable. Appointments may not be cancelled, as our students and/or trainees rely on this scheduled time to practice and learn.

Questions regarding our model appointments may be directed to the academy manager, Tracy, via email at or by phone at 617.936.3747.