A Unique Approach to Micropigmentation

Prettyology’s beauty lab became an international leader in micropigmentation under the skillful leadership of Julie Michaud. Julie, FAAM, CMI and SPCP certified, quickly recognized that not all training programs are created equal and that most students weren’t getting the fundamental or hands-on experience that this practice, and the clients it serves, deserves. For example, most of the training organizations that have popped up over the last several years are not approved by either the AAM or SPCP (we're approved by both). We’re on a mission to give consistently excellent results to maintain and enhance the industry's reputation.

Watch the video below for a peek inside our Fundamental class and to hear from some of our students!


The Prettyology Academy Trifecta


Our training approach, the trifecta as we like to call it, consists of three pillars that we believe are the backbone for a successful career in micropigmentation. We also employ a student:teacher ratio as low as 1:1 in hands-on clinic sessions to make sure each student is getting the maximum amount of personal attention in each area.




In our academy, to put it simply, we start with the fundamentals. Our training provides the solid foundation you will need to embark on a successful and confident career in micropigmentation including:

  • WORLD-RENOWNED BROW DESIGN TRAINING: No two faces are the same and therefore brows shouldn’t be either. We will teach you how to make decisions based on face shape, personality and other factors with our brow shaping technique that clients from all over the world come for.
  • THE BEST QUALITY TOOLS AND SUPPLIES: We are proud partners with Nouveau Contour and Tina Davies and work with their tools for your training and also with all our clients. We are only interested in working with the highest quality tools and pigments that give long lasting, consistent, excellent results. 

Technical and artistic skills come together for flawless results that clients will be happy with. We will help you take the techniques you’ve learned and develop an artistic eye to put it into practice with:

  • HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE: There’s no substitute for practicing this art on live models. Through multiple supervised procedures for each of the brows, eyeliner and lips, your art form will begin to take shape.
  • PROPRIETARY COLOR THEORY METHOD: Color theory can be hard to grasp and is something people often struggle with for their entire career. We’ve developed a proprietary method for teaching color theory to easily take into account the undertone of someone’s skin when choosing the correct pigment. 

Artistic Eye

{APPLYING THE techniques} 

Fostering Intuition

{bringing the
human touch}

Micropigmentation is a personalized process and each client has unique needs. We teach our students how to work with clients as individual people.

  • THE ART OF LISTENING: Being able to listen is just as important as knowing the various techniques. We will help refine your ability to read between the lines. Some clients won’t know exactly what they want, so it’s important to ask the right questions and listen to what the client is saying both verbally and nonverbally. Our students learn how to apply what they know to what their client wants for a result that everyone is happy with.
  • EACH CLIENT IS UNIQUE: Some training facilities use a cookie cutter formula where the brow design is the same, regardless of the client’s age, skin condition, face shape, personality or desire. Our students learn how to tailor their services to suit the needs of each individual client which is vital for client satisfaction, word-of-mouth referrals, and career longevity.

Thorough Training and Support


Success in this industry is directly related to the quality and thoroughness of the training you receive. So by design, our program is more in-depth than many others. Our 105 Hour Fundamental Training Certification with a 1:1 student:teacher ratio for hands-on clinic sessions is approved by the American Academy of Micropigmentation and consists of 3 parts:

  • Part 1 - Pre-Study Manual (40 hours)

  • Part 2 - Virtual Training (8 hours, pre/post training)

  • Part 3 - Fundamental Training (6 consecutive days, 57 hours of classroom/clinic training)

    • 4 days of clinical education

    • 2 days of classroom/theoretical education

    • Multiple procedures on live models (for brows, eyeliner and lips)

Taking on your first client can be risky without the proper education and training. Over the course of our time together, you will gain the knowledge and experience to feel confident working with your first - and potentially lifelong - clients. See more about our curriculum.


Postgraduate Support System

We understand that navigating next steps after micropigmentation training can feel daunting. From apprenticeships to state regulations, Prettyology Micropigmentation Academy can help you transition through this process. We offer 3 ongoing support packages to help you get a proper footing in your new career.

Download our postgraduate support program details or Contact Us for more details on these packages.