Take the first steps into a rapidly growing industry with Prettyology Micropigmentation Academy.


The growth of micropigmentation - also referred to as permanent makeup or microblading (a subset of micropigmentation) is one of the fastest developing areas in the beauty industry, and with good reason. These treatments provide confidence to women and men who may have felt self-conscious for a good portion of their lives. Training with the Prettyology Micropigmentation Academy will allow you to embark on a lucrative career helping others to feel great about themselves. We’ll also help you navigate the uncertain waters of getting your career off the ground post-graduation.

The Prettyology Academy Difference

Julie Michaud of Prettyology Micropigmentation Academy

SKILLful leadership

At Prettyology, you’ll learn from the best. As a pioneer in permanent makeup/micropigmentation, Julie Michaud is on a mission to teach students the foundational and hands-on experience they need to give consistently excellent results and embark on a successful career. She’ll be your teacher, mentor and cheerleader.

Hands-on Micropigmentation experience at Prettyology

hands-on experience

During your training you will have the opportunity to work on 3-D practice pads, mannequins and finally to complete multiple procedures on live models for eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. This clinic time to apply the techniques you've learned will be imperative to build your skills and confidence before taking on your own life-long clients.

In-depth micropigmentation curriculum at Prettyology Academy

in-depth curriculum

By design, our program is more robust than most others so you get the knowledge and experience you need for this field. We start with the fundamentals and over the course of 6 days of theoretical and clinical education, cover 20 topics of micropigmentation such as skin disorders, eye anatomy and facial morphology to name a few.

What Our Students Are Saying


"Estheticians, makeup artists, and cosmetologists are among the diverse group who have added micropigmentation to their portfolio of services." - The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals


Heard of microblading?
It's the cart before
the horse.


Microblading has exploded in popularity over the last two years. What you may not know is that this process is just one of the many techniques in micropigmentation. It’s only right for certain skin types, skin colors and age groups.

Learning the microblading technique without knowing the fundamentals of micropigmentation and other related techniques is like learning to do an advanced chemical peel before attending esthetics school. It’s really not good for anyone.