Teaching the Classic Eyebrow Effects


Art of the Bespoke Eyebrow

Each client is unique, and their eyebrows should reflect that. Some training facilities use a cookie cutter formula where the brow design is the same regardless of the client’s age, skin condition, face shape, personality, or desire.

Though the microblading method is trending, it’s important to know that classes only focusing on microblading will not be giving you the proper knowledge and training you need for this profession. Our students learn how to tailor their services to suit the needs of each individual client which is vital for client satisfaction, word-of-mouth referrals, and career longevity.

The Hairstroke Brow

There are 2 techniques use to successfully achieve this look – Microblading and Nano Hairstrokes. Understanding which technique to use on a particular client and why is vital to client satisfaction and achieving beautiful results. In our Eyebrow Fundamental course, we teach both and ensure you understand the difference.


Microblading is done manually with a specialized microblade hand tool that creates individual hairstrokes by “scratching” on each hair like a papercut, then filling in with a pigment chosen specifically for the client. It deposits pigment into the top layer of the dermis, right underneath the superficial epidermis layers.  Each individual “hair” is visible, leaving less of a “solid” look. Though microblading looks very natural, it’s important to know that some skin types (and lifestyles) are not compatible with the microblading technique.

Nano Hairstrokes are done with a micropigmentation device by creating fine hairs using a Nano (ultra-thin) needle. Rather than scratching the skin like a papercut, the nano needle creates controlled repetitive punctures in the skin which deposits pigment with every stroke. These hairstrokes look very soft and airy.

The Powder Brow

This classic effect has gained so much well-deserved popularity over the past few years. A good powder brow wears well over time, needs fewer touch-ups and works on every skin type. It’s ideal for the woman who likes the look of filling in her brows with powder and eliminates the need for daily brow makeup. This effect is done using a micropigmentation device to layer on soft pixels and build a soft, velvety looking brow. The ombre effect is achieved by saturating more deliberately along the bottom and in the tail of the brow.

The Combo Brow

The beauty of a Combo Brow is the realistic blending of hairstrokes and powder, which gives them texture and longevity. The soft powdering between the hairstrokes gives visual strength where needed. It’s done using a combination of either Microblading or Nano Hairstrokes (with device) to achieve hairstrokes and a device to powder in between the hairstrokes and/or at the tail of the brow. This brow effect is one of the most popular in the PMU industry today.

*Please note which methods are taught in the various fundamental courses. Only The Eyebrow Fundamental teaches all three mentioned above. For The Classic Fundamental, Hairstroke Brows can be learned in our advanced course – Nano Hairstroke Brows

Prettyology Academy Fundamental Courses

The Classic Fundamental

Our favorite classic PMU course will prepare you for any client that you may work on, regardless of their skin type. This device-only course teaches how to achieve classic, soft shaded powder brows and beautifully blended lip blush to enhance the features of all face shapes and skin tones.


The Eyebrow Fundamental

Our hybrid beginner course is for the inspiring artist who wants to focus solely on eyebrows, learning multiple techniques using a device and microblades. This course teaches how to achieve classic, soft shaded powder brows with a device and beginner hairstrokes using both nano needles (device) and microblading.


The Paramedical Fundamental

Do you feel drawn to helping others feel whole? Our beginner paramedical course is intended for the individual who is not yet a permanent makeup or tattoo artist and wants to have a paramedical focus. This course teaches color theory as it applies to scars and post-surgery skin, 3D areola tattooing, scar correction and scar camouflage.



“Prettyology has given me the skills, confidence, knowledge, and ongoing training to mold me into the microblading artist that I am today… thanks to Prettyology and the Academy I have had the courage and knowledge needed to open up my own business.”



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