Your Opportunity
in the Micropigmentation Field


The micropigmentation field is one of the fastest growing areas in the beauty industry. This means there are an increasing amount of job opportunities in many types of work environments for people who have been trained properly, have an artistic eye, enjoy working with people and have a strong drive to succeed. It is a very exciting time to be getting into this field!

We encourage you to learn more about the impressive statistics in this industry, including the most common work environments, through The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. It will help you get acquainted with the landscape you will find yourself in after graduating from Prettyology Micropigmentation Academy.


Earning Potential

The opportunities for skilled permanent makeup technicians (artists) are impressive. Currently the demand for these procedures is surpassing the supply of talented technicians - which can only mean good things for a potential technician. Below we outline earnings potential to illustrate this opportunity. Please keep in mind this potential can vary greatly depending on location and the individual technician’s training and skill. Estheticians, makeup artists, cosmetologists, nurses and physicians are among the diverse group who have added micropigmentation to their portfolio of services.


Potential Annual Earnings

This chart illustrates the potential earnings in the thousands based on amount of procedures complete per week and price of procedure. Price range is $250 - 650.

This chart illustrates the potential earnings in the thousands based on amount of procedures complete per week and price of procedure. Price range is $250 - 650.


Methods: More than just Microblading

Microblading is one of the hottest trends in beauty. It’s one of a number of techniques that must be understood in order to safely and competently serve clients. Others include shading, ombre, and traditional micropigmentation. Because people have different esthetic styles, expectations, skin types and skin colors, it is important to know the pros and cons to each technique and which one to recommend to each client to ensure their satisfaction. You can learn about each method in depth in a variety of classes we offer. Read more about our courses.

Prettyology Microblading method

The microblading method

Microblading is done manually with a specialized hand tool that delivers individual hairstrokes. It deposits pigment into the top layer of the dermis, right underneath the superficial epidermis layers. This technique is done by “scratching” on each individual hairstrokes with a hand tool and then filling in a with pigment chosen specifically for each individual client. It gives the most natural-looking results - each individual “hair” is visible, leaving less of a “solid” look. However, results are much shorter lasting compared to other methods. Clients looking for results to last for years between touch-ups may not be happy with microblading.

The microblading method is trending and it is important to know that classes only focusing on microblading will not be giving you the proper knowledge and training you need for this profession. Read more about why microblading-specific training for beginners is really the cart before the horse. 

Prettyology Traditional Micropigmenation method

The traditional micropigmentation method

This method can be done in two different ways. One technique involves a hand tool, similar to the technique used for microblading, and the other technique uses a specialized digital micropigmentation machine. Using both hairstrokes as well as shading, you can achieve a more filled-in fuller look that lasts longer than microblading. Clients of all ages find that the combination of shading and  hairstrokes can be ideal because it will stay within their skin longer between touch-ups while still maintaining the natural look that they desire.

Prettyology Micropigmention shading method

The micropigmentation shading method

This third method is done by completely shading in the eyebrows with a machine, targeting the deepest layer of skin that micropigmentation will allow. This is one of the longest lasting methods of micropigmentation and ensures no bare spots on your client’s brows. This can be intimidating for clients, for fear it will look fake.  After learning the Prettyology color theory method, however, and learning how to make this technique look natural, you will be confident in recommending it to clients for whom it’s the most appropriate approach.