Course Calendar  

2023 - 2024

Course Calendar

2023 Fundamental Courses


September 21st-26th The Classic Fundamental

October 12th-17th The Classic Fundamental

November 16th-21st The Eyebrow Fundamental

2023 Advanced Courses


 Sept 17th-18th Scalp Micropigmentation (w/Maria)

October 1st-2nd Saline Removal and Color Correction (w/Maria)

Nov. 4th, 5th, 6th VIP – Anita Abramo

Dec. 2nd-3rd Saline Removal and Color Correction (w/Maria)

2024 Fundamental Courses


January 18th-23rd The Classic Fundamental

February 29th-March 5th The Eyebrow Fundamental

April 11th-16th The Classic Fundamental

April 18th-23rd The Paramedical Fundamental

May 16th-21st The Eyebrow Fundamental

June 20th-25th The Classic Fundamental

August 1st-6th The Eyebrow Fundamental

September 12th-17th The Classic Fundamental

October 17th-22nd The Paramedical Fundamental

November 14th-19th The Eyebrow Fundamental

2024 Advanced Courses


January 14th-15th Ombre Lip Blush (w/Maria)

January 27th-29th VIP Vicky Martin Method

February 5th-6th Saline Removal & Color Correction (w/Maria)

February 12th-13th Classic Eyeliner (w/Julie)

February 18th-19th Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) (w/Maria)

February 25th-26th VIP Mary Ritcherson MR Naturalines

February 27th Mary Ritcherson Refresher Day

March 16th Stardust Eyeliner (w/Julie)

March 22nd-23rd Scar Camouflage (w/Maria)

March 24th-25th 3-D Areola (w/Maria)

April 1st-2nd Saline Removal & Color Correction

June 3rd-4th Saline Removal & Color Correction (w/Maria)

June 10th-11th Classic Eyeliner (w/Julie)

July 29th-30th Saline Removal & Color Correction (w/Maria)

August 12th Stardust Eyeliner (w/Julie)

September 23rd-24th Saline Removal & Color Correction (w/Maria)

October 6th-7th Classic Eyeliner (w/Julie)

December 2nd-3rd Saline Removal & Color Correction (w/Maria)



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