Building Careers for PMU artists

 A Unique Approach to Micropigmentation

Prettyology Academy is all about mentorship, coaching, and community. Our goal is to give our students the tools they need to become successful permanent makeup artists and entrepreneurs. Since we began training in 2017, Prettyology Academy has trained hundreds of students, many who have gone on to create their own highly acclaimed PMU businesses.

So, whether completing our Beginner Fundamental or any of our Advanced courses, we strive to build long-term supportive relationships with all our alumni by welcoming students into our Prettyology PMU family which includes access to:

  • Apprenticeship Programs open only to our Alumni
  • Exclusive Alumni Facebook Group
  • Monthly “Office Hours” - Live on Private Alumni Instagram Group
  • Email Access to our Instructors
  • 20% off all ongoing advanced classes (after PMA Fundamental Course has been completed. Excludes VIP courses)
  • Early Bird access to ALL our VIP classes
  • Free Shipping on Prettyology Academy webstore purchases (with code)

As permanent makeup has grown in popularity over the past few years, so have the requirements necessary to become a licensed PMU artist in many towns, cities, and states. Many localities require apprenticeships. And honestly, most artists feel more secure knowing their coach is there to guide them as they begin their career in this exciting industry.

Prettyology’s Learn and Earn Apprenticeship Program 

Our Learn and Earn Apprenticeship Program is exclusively available to Prettyology Academy Fundamental Training Alumni. This is one of the great benefits of choosing Prettyology for your PMU training. We’ve created a path that allows you to start your career under our guidance, in our gorgeous, fully equipped beauty lab and ultimately get properly licensed through the program that best suits your needs. And yes, you bring your own models and begin to earn as you learn. These programs are available after completing one of our 100-hour Fundamental Courses.

Level One

{2 Options to become licensed in your city, town, or state}

100+ HOUR PROGRAM (up to 12 months to complete)

  • 24 Models/Supervised Procedures (3 hours each approx. scheduled directly with the trainer)
  • Saline Removal & Color Correction 2-day Class
  • Demystifying Color Theory Class 1-Day Class (online coming soon)
  • 12 Observation Days (1 per month)


200+ HOUR PROGRAM (up to 18 months to complete)

  • 50 Models/Supervised Procedures (3 hours each approx. scheduled directly with the trainer)
  • Saline Removal & Color Correction 2-day Class
  • Demystifying Color Theory Class 1-Day Class (online coming soon)
  • Advanced 2-day Class of Your Choice (excludes VIP classes) 18
  • Observation Days (1 per month)


  • One-on-One Supervised Procedures
  • Observation Hours (come watch us work!)

Level Two

{Open to licensed artists looking for additional support}

Must need very limited supervision by a Prettyology coach. Must also obtain a Peabody Practitioner License and be fully insured prior commencement.

Daily Bed Rental

  • Half days and full days available. Please contact us for current pricing.

Post-graduate support system

We understand that navigating next steps after micropigmentation training can feel daunting. From apprenticeships to state regulations, Prettyology Micropigmentation Academy can help you navigate this process. We offer Apprenticeship Support to help you complete required hours.

Contact Us for more details on these packages.


What does it take to become a PMU Artist?

Are you interested in becoming a permanent makeup artist? Prettyology Academy is all about creating a supportive PMU community and help you reach your highest career goals. Download our free PDF guide to learn more about what it takes to become a permanent makeup artist.



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