Microblading-Only Courses
are the Cart Before the Horse.

The process of microblading is trending and two- and three-day training programs focusing on microblading-only are popping up everywhere. However, these classes will not give you the foundational knowledge and training you need to confidently serve clients - much less for a successful career. For example, they don’t begin to give proper attention to color theory or customizing the brow shape to suit an individual client. And since they only teach a single technique, they can’t instruct you to identify which method will be most successful for an individual client based on their age, skin type, lifestyle, priorities, expectations and other factors. It's vital to have a full toolbox of alternative options to meet your clients' needs. 

Learning the microblading technique without being properly trained in the fundamentals of micropigmentation is like learning to do surgery before attending medical school. Besides being potentially unsafe, the results are often sub-par, can scar the skin and require corrective work or even removal from an advanced artist.

As you look for the right training partner to begin or advance your career in this exciting field, consider that your work will be displayed like a walking advertisement on your clients’ faces for months or years to come. Your success depends on those clients enthusiastically referring their friends and family to you. Evaluate your options based on how prepared you’ll be to put your new knowledge to use in your career - the return on your training investment. What seems to be the cheapest option isn’t always cheapest over the long term. See more about Prettyology Micropigmentation Academy's curriculum.


Microblading Fact Sheet


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